Holy Scripture offers more than 2,300 verses regarding money. Jesus devoted over 15% of His recorded words to this one subject. Why did the Savior of the world say more about how we should handle money and possessions than any other single thing? What does He know about money and possessions that we don't?

God expects us to use the resources He gives us to best carry out our responsibilities. "Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful." [1 Cor 4:2]

This unique and interactive Biblical Stewardship Series is one of the most comprehensive study courses of its kind. It is immersed in Biblical principles, practical application, and includes fictional characters whose lives are followed via audio/visual breaks.

This series is typically presented through six, one and one-half hour modules. Each module offers a radical soul-searching look at differences between God's viewpoints and man's teaching about money and possessions. This series, normally taught one evening per week over six consecutive weeks by trained financial planners, will provide churches an opportunity to offer God's Plan for Financial Success to His faithful.

God wants to use us as believers to be faithful stewards with what He has given us through our time, talents, tithes, and temple. The question is, do we know how to overcome the "worldly obstacles?"

We have learned all about how the world would have us treat our finances. Isn't it time to "reboot" the way we as Christians think and discover how God would have us handle our money? The Biblical Stewardship Series (BSS) will re-train you from the ground up, by developing a lifestyle that encompasses not only how to manage God's money, but all that He has entrusted to you.

A Church's Call to Action

Why are we afraid to talk about money with our congregation's when it is the most mentioned topic in the Bible? Many existing studies focus on helping Christians get out of debt and setting up a budget. BSS goes a step farther.

This six-day study course, held on-site in the location of your choice, will help your people unlock the biblical keys to a powerful Christian mindset. It is stewardship from cradle to grave, understanding what God's Word says about stewardship, learning the right way to give, how to set up an estate plan, how to write a will, investing with Biblical principles, as well as debt management.

Developing a culture of stewardship in your church is paramount to a healthy congregation. Are you ready to radically change your congregations' outlook on how God defines the characteristics of being a good steward?