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The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) instructs us to disciple all Christians, new and used. Jesus is the one who has put such a premium on stewardship, when 15% of what He said in the gospels is about personal or corporate stewardship. Jesus tells us that where a person’s money is, is an indicator of where their heart is.

Since discipleship is what every Christian is to do, the Biblical Stewardship Series is one of the best ways to do it! This seminar is designed to accommodate individual preferences and teaching styles. Depending on the size and desires of the church, you may choose to offer this series in the format of a seminar, a small group study, a workshop, and/or a pre-recorded video series (currently being updated).

If you have 20 or more Christians who would like to receive this training in your local church, ministry, or denomination, we can help find a Certified Instructor in your area. This course is typically taught in six-days. If you have 200 or more Christians ready to take the course, Art Ally would love to schedule a time to come and personally lead the group in two consecutive days.

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