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Hearing the Impact

A Financial Planner, Participant and two Pastors share how the Biblical Stewardship has changed their lives, church and finances.

Art Ally the founder of Timothy Plan and co-author of the Biblical Stewardship Series, gives a brief introduction to this program.  Art Ally was called to develop this seminar to challenge the worldly view of finances, and ensure all Christians had a chance to see stewardship through God’s eyes. In it, you will find testimonials from pastors who have implemented this seminar into their churches, as well as attendees of the seminar who are forever changed in their perspective of a faithful steward.
Art Ally explains why this series was developed and the importance of stewardship.

Throughout this seminar series we will follow the lives of Tim and Julie. Although Tim and Julie are married, the lessons they learn apply to everyone, whether you are a grandparent, single, or young adult.


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