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God wants to use us as believers to be faithful stewards with what He has given us through our time, talents, tithes, and temple. The question is, do we know how to overcome the "worldly obstacles?"

We have learned all about how the world would have us treat our finances.  Isn't it time to "reboot" the way we as Christians think and discover how God would have us handle our money? The Biblical Stewardship Series (BSS) will re-train you from the ground up, by developing a lifestyle that encompasses not only how to manage God's money, but all that He has entrusted to you.

Why are we afraid to talk about money with our congregation's when it is the most mentioned topic in the Bible? Many existing studies focus on helping Christians get out of debt and setting up a budget.  BSS goes a step farther.

This six-day study course, held on-site in the location of your choice, will help your people unlock the biblical keys to a powerful Christian mindset.  It is stewardship from cradle to grave, understanding what God's Word says about stewardship, learning the right way to give, how to set up an estate plan, how to write a will, investing with Biblical principles, as well as debt management.

Developing a culture of stewardship in your church is paramount to a healthy congregation.  Are you ready to radically change your congregations' outlook on how God defines the characteristics of being a good steward? 

What you can expect when your church hosts a Biblical Stewardship Seminar:
  • Material put together from credible sources in the Christian community today such as Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton of Crown Financial Ministries, Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspective Ministries, A.W. Tozer, and others all focusing on Biblical stewardship.

  • A professionally certified instructor, experienced in presenting the material, and able to help with support once the series has concluded.

  • Participant workbooks for each module that provide effective, user-friendly notes and resources.

  • Content that has been taught in churches across the nation.

  • A DVD of the seminar hosted by Art Ally, the co-author of the BSS, that can be used to present the course again as deemed necessary.

  • Ongoing support from Biblical Stewardship Series as well as a financial professional in your area to answer questions.

  • An effective seminar that can be used over and over again to refresh and renew the congregation



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