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LEADER'S GUIDE | containing the answers you'll need when teaching the series

This Leader's Guide Set is designed for the Biblical Stewardship Series. Every Certified Instructor should have this set before the study begins and use it each week during the class.  The Leader's Guide Sets have the answers as well as any instructor-specific notes in red.  Each Leader's Guide are wire-bound with a water resistant cover, making them both durable and user friendly for the instructor.

Included with these guide books is a promotional DVD that is helpful in introducing the series to the congregation, as well as the visual/audio DVD which contains videos of Tim and Julie who are watched throughout the course.

Get Acrobat Reader [Sample Page]

Get Acrobat Reader [Sample Page]

       King James Only

     (The video is not available
      in King James Version)

  • 6 full color, wire-bound soft cover guides
         (approx. 36 pages per book)
  • Promotional DVD
  • Visual/Audio DVD
         (follow the lives of Tim and Julie)
  • Carrying case

Price for this set:

  • $30.00/set
    (can only be purchased by Certified Instructors)

System Requirements:

  • Attend a Leadership Training Workshop and become certified
  • DVD Compatible Player
  • A large enough screen/tv for everyone to see




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